Butters by the San Francisco Bay


Butters started going to a new doggy daycare earlier this year in preparation for my maternity leave.

SF Surf Dogs (www.SFSurfDogs.com) is an in-home doggy daycare owned by a super-cool and amazingly sweet woman named Isabel. She’s very accommodating and gives our dog everything he needs when my husband & I are gone - love, care, and outdoor exercise! He gets to play with her dogs, Bobby & Frankie, and the other doggies in daycare, so he gets to socialize with other dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s also helpful that we’re given a bill at the end of the month so we can give one payment, rather than upfront every time we pick him up!

All the doggies go for walks and romps at Fort Funston, Baker Beach, Ocean Beach, McLaren Park, and other off-leash doggie areas in San Francisco. Butters has so much fun swimming, surfing, wrestling, and playing fetch that he knocks out immediately after coming back into the house. I can shake him and shout his name - and all he does is look at me, wag his tail, and passes back out. SO AWESOME!

If you’re in San Francisco and are looking around for an extraordinary doggy daycare or boarding facilitiy, be sure to contact Isabel at SF Surf Dogs and let her know that Butters sent you!!

(Yelp Review)

In honor of National Puppy Day, here are some photos of Butters as a teeny tiny 10 week old puppy :)  How could you not fall in love with this lil cutie? Hehe.

Butters exploring in the snow :)

Truckee, CA
March 2 - 4, 2012

On my husband’s birthday weekend, we decided to go to Lake Tahoe to have fun in the snow! Luckily, a friend of ours has a cabin in Truckee - so he let us crash there for the weekend.

I figured the guys would want to party it up and snowboard - and since I’m 6 months pregnant, I thought it would be nice to relax and go walking in the area. Of course, I wanted to bring Butters - not only so he could experience the snow for the first time, but so I wouldn’t be alone and feeling anxious or afraid if something were to happen to me - God forbid, I fall or get attacked by a bear or something! Does that qualify me as being classified as “city folk”? LOL.

Anyway, Butters had a blast! He wasn’t sure about the snow at first… he even sniffed up a nose full of snow! But eventually, he was so comfortable in it that he didn’t want to come back into the cabin and just wanted to catch some snowballs! We went on a few hiking trips, so we both got to explore and exercise.

We already can’t wait to go back! :)

Jan 4

Butters Learns How to Swim

At first, he fell head-in to the water.. then after a few tries with my cousin, Dom, Butters loved swimming in the water and couldn’t get enough!

Collins Lake, CA
July 30, 2011